allocatefunds - Divi 2.5.1 RPC

allocatefunds purpose alias amount ( "pay wallet" ( "voting wallet" ) )

Starts escrows funds for some purpose.

1. purpose			(string, required) Helpful identifier to recognize this allocation later.  Currently only masternode is recognized. 
2. identifier      (string, required) Helpful Identifier to recognize the specific instance of the funding type that the funding is for. 
3. amount			(diamond, platinum, gold, silver, copper) tier of masternode. 
      <future>     (numeric, required) amount of divi funded will also be accepted for partially funding master nodes and other purposes.

"vin"			(string) funding transaction id or bare txid necessary for next step.

Maintained by DiviDomains; modified by: Bert Shuler;license of the docs is MIT (see divi repo), license of the scripts and webpage is also MIT (github repo)

Note it uses a mainnet divi node