getlotteryblockwinners - Divi 2.5.1 RPC

getlotteryblockwinners [block_height]

1. block_height         (numeric, optional) The block at which to query the list of winners

Returns a json object with the list of current candidates to win the lottery since the last known block.

    'Block Height': 189,
    'Block Hash ': 'cfa03ee7d2fa2ebcb822d791404c21357e47e1976afa92977a5dc118533527c5',
    'Lottery Candidates': [
        {'Address': 'yE7D1Ne4nfXnX381eR2gZtW7PW2vFFQ627', 'Rank': 0, 'Score': 'ebca7a39'},
        {'Address': 'yE7D1Ne4nfXnX381eR2gZtW7PW2vFFQ627', 'Rank': 1, 'Score': 'a76c2a59'},
        {'Address': 'yE7D1Ne4nfXnX381eR2gZtW7PW2vFFQ627', 'Rank': 2, 'Score': '5fe24590'},
        {'Address': 'yE7D1Ne4nfXnX381eR2gZtW7PW2vFFQ627', 'Rank': 3, 'Score': '5cab25ce'},
        {'Address': 'yE7D1Ne4nfXnX381eR2gZtW7PW2vFFQ627', 'Rank': 4, 'Score': '57bfaf91'},
        {'Address': 'yE7D1Ne4nfXnX381eR2gZtW7PW2vFFQ627', 'Rank': 5, 'Score': '535158e8'},
        {'Address': 'yE7D1Ne4nfXnX381eR2gZtW7PW2vFFQ627', 'Rank': 6, 'Score': '1f05a975'},
        {'Address': 'yE7D1Ne4nfXnX381eR2gZtW7PW2vFFQ627', 'Rank': 7, 'Score': '090172bc'},
        {'Address': 'yE7D1Ne4nfXnX381eR2gZtW7PW2vFFQ627', 'Rank': 8, 'Score': '03810747'}

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Note it uses a mainnet divi node